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    我作文|我 英语作文

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      我叫王春水小学作文第一次作文,所在学校第一次作文,实验二校,所在班级,二年级四班。My name is Wang Chunshui, my school, experimental school 2, my class, class 4, grade 2.我长着一双胖胖的小手,溜滑的小脸,还有一对葡萄似的眼睛。I have a pair of fat little hands, a smooth little face, and a pair of grape like eyes.我爱思考,爱在电脑上打血战上海滩”的游戏,我可勇敢了!我还喜欢在我们小区后面的沙子堆上玩儿,但是玩的时候,沙子总是往我的鞋子里灌。我就问妈妈这是为什么?妈妈说:因为我们的春水太‘老实’了!”I love thinking and playing the game of "bloody battle in Shanghai beach" on the computer. I\m brave! I also like to play on the sand pile at the back of our community, but when I play, the sand always pours into my shoes. I asked my mother why? Mom said, "because our spring water is so honest!"我和妈妈都笑了!Mom and I both laughed!
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